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Vashi Integrated Solutions is One-stop integrated products and solutions provider for all industrial and commercial sourcing needs
Vashi Integrated Solutions is One-stop integrated products and solutions provider for all industrial and commercial sourcing needs

Electronic Capacitors

    Electronic Capacitors

Introduction to Capacitors

Capacitors are electronic components that store and release electrical energy.
They consist of two conductive plates separated by an insulating material called a dielectric. The plates, when charged with opposite polarities, create an electric field between them, which allows the capacitor to store energy in the form of an electric charge

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Top Selling Capacitors at Vashi Integrated Solutions

Product Name Capacitance Voltage Rating Price
ABB LV Capacitor BOX ND F5 V440 10 kvar 1HYC414009-108-1 kvar @ 50 Hz: 10 440 V ₹ 1,550
ABB LV Capacitor CYL ND F5 V440 7.5 kvar 1HYC414005-007-1 kvar @ 50 Hz: 7.5 440 V ₹ 912
ABB LV Capacitor CYL ND F5 V440 4.2 kvar 1HYC414005-004-1 kvar @ 50 Hz: 4.2 440 V ₹ 523


Q: What are capacitors used for?

A: Capacitors are electronic components used to store and release electrical energy in various applications such as power supplies, motors, timing circuits, and signal conditioning.

Q: What are the different types of capacitors?

A: Capacitors come in various types, including ceramic, electrolytic, tantalum, film, and supercapacitors, each with its own characteristics and suitable applications.

Q: How do I choose the right capacitor for my application?

A: To choose the right capacitor, consider factors like capacitance, voltage rating, temperature range, size, and performance requirements specific to your application. Consult datasheets and seek expert advice for guidance.

Q: What is capacitance and how is it measured?

A: Capacitance is the ability of a capacitor to store electrical charge. It is measured in units called farads (F), but capacitors typically have capacitance values in picofarads (pF), nanofarads (nF), or microfarads (μF).