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Vashi Integrated Solutions is One-stop integrated products and solutions provider for all industrial and commercial sourcing needs
Vashi Integrated Solutions is One-stop integrated products and solutions provider for all industrial and commercial sourcing needs


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Solar energy technology in today’s time can be broadly divided into various solutions such as solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, and solar electricity.

Solar Photovoltaic: They convert sunlight into electricity directly through installed semi-conductors. Electrons of the semi-conductor are freed by the sunlight. These then travel through the electric circuit producing an electric current. These kinds of systems are often seen in small devices like calculators, signboards, direction signage, etc.

Photovoltaic + Thermal technology: This technology is used to generate electricity and heat water using a single solar module. It is proven that PVT panels can enhance the overall electrical output by 20%. This is achieved by the PVT collector that cools the electrical components and at the same time provides thermal energy. They can give up to 4X power when compared to a normal PV module.

Solar Electricity: Solar electricity is produced by converting sunlight into electricity directly using solar panels. These systems generate direct current electricity and send it to the inverter. The inverter as the name suggests converts the direct current into alternating current and charges the batteries. These batteries store the electricity which can then be used to operate various electrical equipment at night.

Numerous Solar Solutions are available today to optimize power consumption. Let us have a look at these solutions:

Rooftop Solar
Not only is this technology acing the charts but is the best form of saving cost as well as reducing the carbon footprint. With a warranty of 20 + years, the roof-top solar covers its installation cost within a matter of 4-5 years. The market for roof-top solar is expanding day by day with top National and International brands setting the pace such as RenewSys and JinkoSolar

Solar Heaters and Solar Inverters

Solar heaters have gained popularity and are used increasingly in thermal pools, industrial thermal plants, and even in households on a small scale. Solar inverters again are one of the finest inventions to harness the power of the sun. They have an extensive industrial application. Top brands cater to these devices such as SMA, Polycab, Geesys, etc.

LED technology has changed the lighting solutions industry forever. Bajaj and Philips have taken the lead in making solar-powered lighting a game-changer. LED lighting saves cost to a great extent and is actively used in both indoor and outdoor installations.
Vashi Integrated Solutions offers best-in-case solar products including solar panels, solar inverters as well as extensive solar solutions. We host top national and international brands to cater to the diversified needs of our valued customers. These brands include JinkoSolar, RenewSys, SMA, Polycab, Genesys, etc.
Make Vashi Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Solar Needs.